Three Keys to Lead Yourself And Others With Confidence

Grit, Growth and Gumption

Three Keys to Lead Yourself and Others with Confidence

Leadership is "not about you". At least, that is what they say.

While this old adage is somewhat accurate…truly impactful leaders know that to lead others, you must lead yourself first.

Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses in order to assess them for your team is a delicate balance. While you don't need a psychology or master's degree to achieve this, it requires some self-reflection.

Are you a woman struggling with:

  • Being promoted without an instruction manual

  • Lacking a sense of direction or idea of what path your career will take

  • Leaning on the myth that hard work is the only skill you need to lead

  • Having difficult conversations with or relating to those you lead or

  • Making decisions or dealing with setbacks

Please know you are NOT alone in this struggle. You've come to the right place if you answered yes to any of the above.

By providing actionable strategies and tools, Grit, Growth & Gumption for Women delivers on its promise to:

  • Help you discover how your short and long-term goals can direct your actions.

  • Identify the three essential keys to leadership that, when combined, unlock the power of transformational leadership.

  • Break down your barriers to unleash your full potential and

  • Provide insights and stories from real women who have gone before you to fail forward, blaze the trail, and create opportunities for others.

Grit, Growth, and Gumption for Women is designed to help you show up daily with the confidence to lead with impact, whether you are new to leadership or have managed a large team for years.

Together, we can cultivate influential female leaders who achieve enduring success and leave a legacy of positive impact on their organizations, industries, and communities.

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How would it feel to walk into each day equipped with all the tools you need to lead with confidence?

How would it feel to have a team that would follow you anywhere?

What if this was the year that you became the GO-TO LEADERSHIP RESOURCE within your organization?

Your ideal leadership journey is closer to reality than you think!

But the lie that you don't have what it takes keeps you from leading authentically.

If you're like most people, when you hear about leadership skills like emotional intelligence and strategic decision-making, you think you need a Master's or Psychology Degree to fit the bill.

And then there are the lies you’re subconsciously telling yourself…

  • “I don’t have what it takes”

  • “I don’t have the experience”

  • “I’m not enough”

Those lies keep you from leading authentically!

I promise you there's a unique way of doing things and a common theme or pattern in everything you do.

You might not have noticed it because it's so natural to you. That’s where I come in! My job is to help you find your rhythm and to show you how what you know can be helpful to others.

In this book, you'll learn how to build on and tap into the skills that are already inside you to:

  • Unlock Your Potential

  • Chart Your Career Course

  • Overcome Adversity

  • Forge Stronger Connections

  • Enhance Your Earning Potential

  • Master Confidence Leadership Skills...

You see, the #1 reason why people follow a leader is not because of their degrees!

If you genuinely care about those you lead, then you already have the most essential trait you need to lead successfully and intentionally.

The belief you're holding onto, that you're not ready, lack the qualifications, or feel like an imposter, is just a lie. It's holding you back from transforming the lives of your team.

My life has never been the same since launching my leadership journey in 2014.

Not only have my teams delivered better results than I could have ever imagined, but they've gone on to lead their own teams with confidence.

We're often just one step away from a career transformation.

You ready for that transformation? The key is finding those who help discover and unleash your true potential, so you can lead in alignment!

The best part about my role in this is that I get to cheer you on along your journey!

So, if you're thinking, "I don't have all the skills necessary to lead with impact, then you DEFINITELY need to get this book in your hands today!

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