Three Keys to Lead Yourself And Others With Confidence

Tinsley English

Grit, Growth and Gumption Expert

Tinsley English is a recognized expert in female leadership development, dynamic keynote speaker, and author renowned for her transformative G-Force Code System.

With over a decade devoted to coaching high-performing women, Tinsley’s direct approach enables her to swiftly identify obstacles and unveil hidden strengths, fostering authentic leadership through grit, growth, and gumption.





Creator of the G-Force Code System

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Armed with over twenty years of experience in the insurance industry and a certification in Women in Leadership: Driving Transformation Through Innovation and Resilience from Emory University, she seamlessly blends profound knowledge with practical insights. Beyond stages and pages, she illuminates the path of growth, resilience, and empowerment, making her a beacon for those aspiring to unlock their leadership potential.

Most Popular Keynotes

Unlock The G-Force Code

Discover the key to confident leadership with Tinsley's three-step system. Unleash the power of Grit, Growth, and Gumption to break down barriers and unlock your full potential. This highly requested keynote will revolutionize the way you lead yourself and others.

Leading With Light: Unleashing Potential with Positive Leadership

In this keynote, we embark on a journey to uncover the profound impact of positive leadership in unlocking human potential and driving organizational excellence.

Breaking Barriers, Building Brilliance: The Transformative Power of Diverse Teams

This keynote explores how embracing a spectrum of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences ignites innovation, fosters creativity, and drives success.

1 HR - $5,000

Day Rate - $15,000

Multi-Day - $12,000/day

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